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 we provide white membrane roofing (WMR) services to any roofing client who requests it. In fact, we can apply WMR systems to any low sloped, flat, industrial, or commercial roofing application. 

 Interestingly, due to the high solar reflectivity that WMR systems provide, we believe that they can generate a large amount of savings in the long term.


In effect, the WMR system that Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc. uses involves proprietary elevated heat emitting technology that discharges large amounts of absorbed solar energy.

White Membrane Roofing

We strongly recommend the use of WMR systems

Furthermore, we take great pride in the fact that the thermoplastic white composites that we use to implement our WMR systems can reflect up to 90% of the sun's UV rays and release up to 80% of solar radiation that is absorbed by your commercial or industrial compound.


This is in stark contrast to an asphalt based roof that can only reflect a maximum of 20% of solar radiation. Unfortunately, this leads to over 80% of the remaining heat being trapped within the buildings bearings, which leads to increased perspiration and discomfort. As a result, commercial and industrial roofing owners are forced to increase their air conditioning meters...and their bills.

In addition to being cost-effective WMR systems are durable and easy to install on any roofing surface. We also enjoy using WMR systems due to their wind resistance and the fact that they are virtually leak-proof and require minimal upkeep. Moreover, WMR systems possess inherent cooling abilities-which lower heat and greenhouse emissions.


Furthermore, Gonzales and Sons Roofing, Inc. believes that the high solar reflectivity that WMR systems provide can protect the roof's membrane from thermal damage (i.e., chipping) thereby increasing the life span of your commercial or industrial roof.

We strongly recommend the use of WMR systems due to their solar reflectivity, impressive thermal emissions, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

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